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Papas Freezeria Game

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You just started a relaxing tropical island in the ice cream shop is not easy, but when things get busy, father of Louis loyal customer arrives on the island resort! In this new batch of her father Louis restaurant family, you need to add ingredients, mix syrup and ice cream, add toppings, and services unique Freezeria sundae you wait for the customer. The latest game features dozens of syrup, candy, and unlocked, you play the toppings, and a new species, and returns the customer you want to beat the heat of the ice cream sundae. The series of time management and hands-on game is back, with the mixed ingredients and related services appropriate amount of ice cream sundae cups with new challenges. Challenge "closer" to customers, from the "father of Tucker Yeah!" Food critic returns, as well as a weekly salary, upgrade, and 80 games badges to earn service ice cream at the same time. The new series, more than 100 decorated lobby, you can buy in the furniture store, each item affects your score, while playing, sundae shop features. You can put any decorations you like your lobby, which allows you to fully customize the wallpaper, posters, furniture and your shop. To the Islands of Hawaii, adding shelves and coffee station, to fill the room with the jukebox - choice is yours!

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