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Greyhound Tycoon Game

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Play Greyhound Tycoon game online keep your greyhound in top condition to let it reach its full potential during races,Do this by maintaining its speed,endurance,health,and mood,You do this by doing such things as hiring trainers,Making sure you dog has a healthy diet and keeping it entertained.Youi can see your dogs current status by cliking the display in the top left of the screen,This menu will also show you your expenses,Every week there is a race at your local track,You will be prompted when this occurs,If you do not place 1st,2nd,3rd ro do not race at all,You will lose fame.As your dog wins races and becomes more famouse,You will be moved up to more prestigious racing divisions and be able to earn more money doing things such as advertising campaigns,Be carefull,you have weekly bills to pay and if you fail two its game over,Win the game by becoming one fo the most famous division 1 dog trainers!

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