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8BallPool Game

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Play 8BallPool game online pot as many balls as you can before the time runs out.When you are down to one ball you will receive a new rack wiht 14 more balls to pot,For each ball potted in Rack 1 you get 10 seconds bonus,in Rack 2 you get 9 seconds bonus,Rack 3 8 seconds bonus etc.Potting the cue ball at any time will result in a 30 second penalty.Use the mouse to aim at the ball you want to pot.Set power by clicking and dragging the left mouse button away from the direction you are aiming.When you are happy wiht the power,Release the mouse button to take the shot.You are awarded 100 points for every ball you pot.For every 5 consecutive pots your score multiplier goes up 0.5 to a maximum of 4.0.If you miss a pot the white the score multiplier goes down 0.5.Play 8BallPool game now and have a good luck!

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